Bare Introspection - Part 2


Vulnerable. Afraid. But Happy.

These are the emotions that crash over me like waves

Hiding behind a veil of nervous laughter 

But deep down feeling like the world knows my secret

Feeling like I've kicked open a door through which my insecurities can float into existence

Carefully scrutinizing every flaw

Every scar

Every stretch mark

Every fold

Afraid that my worth is plummeting towards the surface

Engulfed in flames

Terrified that my not flat tummy or thick thighs may offend someone

May cause someone discomfort

On the verge of running, clothed, to the back of the room

Where I can not be seen

But through this all

Past the insecurities, the fear, the anguish

I am happy.

I still have a ways to go before putting myself out there like this gets any easier

But for now I'll settle with contentment

I'll settle with being proud of how far I've come

I'll settle for embracing how far I still have to go

Because I will not allow my spirit to be broken

Because I'm happy.

No Sorries

I will not apologize for my thick thighs

My stretch marked hips 

Nor my big arms

I will not apologize for my melanin levels

My kinky hair

Nor my Jackson 5 nostrils

I will not apologize for my big lips

Fat ass

Nor my back rolls

Instead, I choose to embrace all the flaws that make me uniquely me

I relish my curves and folds and hips

I bask in the glory of my Black Girl Magic

I will strut through the world and prove that my size does not dictate my worth

I will yell from the rooftops 


And above all else

I will never apologize for being me

Dear Inem 

This letter has been a long time coming 

A promise that I made to myself years ago

To tell myself all the positive things that I never did

To let myself know my true worth


Dear Inem, you are phenomenal

You are a piece of art

A precious diamond crafted by the pressures of time

A priceless treasure in this world


You may not see your importance

Your worth shadowed by unrealistic expectations

But the world is a brighter place because of your presence

Because of your smile


Dear Inem, you are strong

Powerful beyond your own comprehension 

Battling through life one hurdle at a time

A force of nature to be reckoned with


Dear Inem, it's okay to have your bad days

It's okay to let your emotions show through

To feel things as deeply as you can

To wear your heart on your sleeve


You can cry and hate the world

You can express your frustration

You can punch a hole through a wall

You deserve to express yourself without fear of ridicule


Dear Inem, tear down your walls

Let people in

Show off your true self

Embrace all that you are


Dear Inem, you deserve the world

You deserve to be happy

Never forget to love yourself 

And keep reminding yourself of this every single day