Zilford's Fried Chicken with a Side of YYC Style

Zilford's Fried Chicken with a Side of YYC Style

YYC Food Trucks' Spring Frenzy is undoubtedly one of my favourite events here in Calgary. Since moving here close to three years ago (wow - how time flies!) I have attended the Spring Frenzy religiously every year. The first year I went, I was honestly just excited to see what YYC had to offer, and was not at all disappointed (2 words - mini donuts). The following year, I attended as a blogger and was able to interview a few trucks and get to know the driving force behind these diverse groups coming together. This year, I went to support a friend of mine who chased his dreams and officially launched the best Nashville fried chicken on the streets of YYC - Zilford's Fried Chicken! Coming off an extremely taxing on call weekend, I knew that nothing would make me feel better that a spicy chicken sammie and some crack (yeah, you read that right) and ZFC did not fail me! I will be doing a full, in-depth My Calgary blog post highlighting the incredibly inspirational story of Parker and his goal of bringing some real life, finger licking, actually spicy (African mama's kitchen approved) fried chicken to YYC, so I won't go into too much detail here - but I did want to make sure you all know where to hit up when in need of some delicious comfort food!

To track where ZFC is in the city, make sure to follow them on Insta @ZilfordsFriedChicken & favourite Zilford's Fried Chicken on the Street Food Calgary App!

Also, sidenote - can we please take in the pastel goodness of that ZFC tee?! Cried tears of pure spring, pastel joy when I saw them and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to cop one (saves nickels and dimes). 

After getting the important things done (read: ordering ZFC's spicy chicken sammie, mac n cheese and some crack), I looked around and realized that there were some dope looks in the crowd! I honestly didn't come to the Spring Frenzy this year as a blogger in any capacity, but my inner fashionista started to rise up real quick. I was just going to sit back and enjoy all the spring inspo I was receiving, but came to the conclusion that I had to showcase all of it in some capacity. And so, this post was born!

I love how fashion is so personal and can be interpreted in a variety of ways. From a side-tied blush blazer (I am still dreaming of it) to ripped denim and bold chokers to kicks and mules, YYC did not come to play. I basically thrive in awkward situations, so going up and chatting with complete strangers made my day. It was so great seeing their reactions go from "who df is this chick?" to "really? my look" to "let me strike a pose real quick". I loved chatting with each person and getting a sense of who they are purely through their choice of clothing and accessories. Stepping behind the camera allowed me to help bring their personalities to life and made me appreciate how you can see into someone's soul through a lens (that line was as cheesy as ZFC's mac n cheese but its the truth)! I met some incredible people (including some local YYC talent), got to connect with some of my followers (it was SO awesome to meet you all - y'all made my heart grow) and get so much inspo for this season (aka that mustard coat that I will search for until I find it in plus size). 

I plan on turning the lens on you, YYC so look out for me in upcoming events and come chat with me about your outfit and style!

P.S. - if you see anyone you know in any of these pics, please tell them to send me an email or slide into my DMs and I would be more than happy to share these images with them!