An Introduction

Calgary, Alberta - the city known mainly for its rocking cowboy stampede festivities and beautiful, scenic views. To me, however, Calgary is so much more than that. It is a vibrant city that continues to surprise me every day. Steeped in arts and culture, and bound by an unrivalled sense of communal pride, Calgary is a city that is uniquely itself in the best way possible. In less than a year of living in this beautiful city, I have discovered the most amazing places and experienced an array of exquisite things. I know I’ve only scratched the surface with regards to what this beautiful city holds, and it has become my task to share my journey of discovery with you through #MyCalgary.

#MyCalgary is a new branch of my blog that will focus on showcasing this amazing city through the eyes of its inhabitants. It is my way to give back to a city that has already influenced me in such positive ways in so little time. I want to explore Calgary, truly finding its heartbeat, and share my experiences on this platform. #MyCalgary will be comprised of interviews with business owners, restaurant chefs and entrepreneurs who are currently shaping Calgary's landscape, as well as reviews of events that I attend in the city. 

The ultimate goal of #MyCalgary is to create a platform through which our Calgary can be showcased. I want locals to be proud of the city we live in, using #MyCalgary to show their own unique experiences within the city. I want this to evolve into a network, connecting likeminded Calgarians and cultivating a shared experience within the city. I see Calgary’s true potential and I want to share this vision through my blog.

Stay tuned for the first instalment of #MyCalgary where I partner up with Añejo restaurant, located on 4th street. I will be chatting with the head chef, Chef Matt, about his inspirations, as well as reviewing some of the dishes he made for me!