Ral Onyes aka Makeup By Loveglam

Ral Onyes aka Makeup By Loveglam

I am totally and completely fan-girling hard with this Inemesit Chats post y'all! Ral aka Makeup by Loveglam is an MUA that creates some seriously Insta-worthy looks. I met Ral during my undergrad at McMaster University and I was always so stunned by her unreal fashion sense as well as the amazing makeup looks she put together for various events around Hamilton. I was so hype to find out that she had started her own Youtube channel so that I could tap into her goddess-like glow! It is so refreshing to see a makeup vlogger with the same skin tone as myself creating affordable and re-creatable looks to help all of us tap into our inner makeup maven. I am so excited to see Ral grow Makeup by Loveglam and I'm so glad she joined me in Inemesit Chats!

1. How long have you been a makeup artist? How did you get started in the industry?

I’ve been a professional makeup artist for a little over 4+ years now but I got into makeup/ started doing makeup for different shows at my university (Sync Afrique + Style and Profile Fashion Show) to get a hang of the craft itself about 5years ago.

As for getting started in the industry, I got started by doing a few makeup jobs that offered me a platform for exposure as well as an opportunity to practice my craft and from there, when I deemed it appropriate to venture into working for makeup brands, I applied to my first one; MAC Cosmetics, and the rest was history.

2. When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

I’d say after my very first full face client at MAC Cosmetics tipped me for a job well done, applauded my skills and warmth. That gave me chills and so much satisfaction to see her walk away THAT HAPPY. That truly reaffirmed it for me…that this was something I was meant to be doing.

3. What do you love most about makeup? 

Honestly…you’d think I’d say the application, the endless varieties to choose from and all that right? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE all those but for what I love most about makeup, it has to be the confidence boost it gives you once you’re done. Everyone is beautiful with or without makeup but you know that moment you finish SLAYING your face to your satisfaction and you look at yourself in the mirror like…”YOU DAMN RIGHT I’M READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD TODAY…LET’S GET IT !”…yeah that feeling has to be what I love most about makeup.

4. Who in the make-up industry do you currently look up to? Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I have a few that I sought for inspiration and guidance here and there but my two faves at the moment are MALI MAGIC (@kingmalimagic on IG) AND NICKY POSLEY (@nickyposley on IG). Their work combined is the epitome of what I want my brand to exude…their style, execution and creative window are to die for! I actually asked Nicky a question a few weeks ago on how he would describe his brand and he said.. “TIMELESS BEAUTY”…I instantly melted because that IS my ultimate goal. As for my inspiration, I draw from every and anywhere; my idol OG MUAs, Instagram explore pages,; MUAs, Fashion bloggers etc., Youtube, Movies, Magazines …down to outfits in my closet lol.

5. What are your 5 “can’t live without” beauty products? 

This is a tough question because I feel like my answer is expected to gear towards makeup products right away but I don’t actually have attachments to my makeup products, sometimes I go a full week without wearing anything. But skincare is life ! I take it very seriously and I am a strong advocate for “what’s underneath matters”. So top 5 skincare products would have to be:

My Ole Henrikson Serum

Ole Henrikson moisturizer

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydragel eye patches

And of course any type of lip moisturizer…current fave is the YSL Tint Lip Oil

6. Your first ever "Loveglam Hands On Makeup Seminar" was an amazing event! Where else do you see Makeup by Loveglam going in the near future?

Aww thank you so much…it really was an amazing event! I was very proud of myself to say the least. As for where the Makeup by Loveglam Brand will be going in the near future … I have a few plans for sure, one of them being to make the “Loveglam Hands On Makeup Seminar” an annual thing. I want to do more photoshoot makeup, television and film as well because I’d love to be a well rounded artist in the “Beauty Makeup” realm. Also make more youtube videos and continue to build my brand via in-person and social media! 

7. How would you define your own personal, signature makeup look? 

My personal signature makeup look is on the very simple fresh face/ soft glam side of the spectrum; skin is very glowy, very luminous but yet natural. Subtle Highlighting and Contouring of course because that’s very vital no matter what, light powder contour (I use bronzers because they’re a lot warmer for a beautiful fresh face flush) and a concealer .5 shade lighter than me for a quick lift, neutral blush, 1-2 coats of mascara, natural brows and a dark brown lipliner topped with some gold toned lipgloss.

8. What are your favourite fall/winter beauty trends? What beauty trends do you see coming up in 2017?

Fave fall/winter beauty trend hands down has to be the VAMPY LIPS!…the burgundies, smoked purples, deep reds, oxbloods etc. This trend will never die…it’s a timeless trend. Even as I’m answering this, I just had a quick rush of excitement flow through me, that’s how much I love the Vampy Lips trend for the colder seasons. As for the beauty trends I see coming up in 2017, definitely the “Fresh Face No Makeup Look” where your face just illuminates light for that effortless glow. Also glossy lids…yes glossy lids! I’ve been drooling over this trend because I want to hop on the band wagon so badly but I know I can’t pull it off personally so I’m just dying to recreate it on another person…which leads us back to when I said I wanted to do more photoshoot makeup this year because that gives a maximum creative window for things like glossy lids!

9. What is the one piece of beauty advice that you think every woman should know? 

Take care of your skin first ladies before you put on makeup, don't use makeup as a coverup to bad skin because….if your skin looks great, your makeup falls better.

10. What are your tips for an everyday, quick and easy make-up look?

Know what works best for you, which features you’d like to accentuate before leaving the house no matter how much of a rush you’re in. Once you’ve pinpointed those, bring out the makeup products needed to achieve the look, lay them out in a tray including your brushes. In the morning, the tray makes it super easy to find products….all that is left is to practice doing all you want to do in 10mins or less. Believe it or not, the reason why your everyday, quick and easy makeup doesn't work out and ends up taking much longer is because you spend half of the 10mins looking for your concealer or eyebrow pencil ! I have a 10min face video on my youtube channel actually, check it out for more tips and tricks.

11. Where can beauty fanatics go to find out more about you?

Haha I totally gave it away in the question above but that’s fine! You can definitely find me on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @Makeupbyloveglam

Youtube: Loveglam

Twitter: Loveglambition

Facebook: Loveglambition

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Also I am a freelance artist so feel free to book me for any upcoming events you might have; loveglambition@gmail.com