The level of creativity and talent that I am surrounded with never ceases to amaze me. I am constantly in awe of the personal drive and dedication that my friends and loved ones show when it comes to bringing a piece of their creative artistry to light - and Stefanie completely embodies this fact. I have known Stefanie for more than five years now and I can attest to her level of drive and creativity. I was so inspired by her new venture, Good Genes, that I had to not only invite her into Inemesit Chats, but also had to snag my very own Good Genes creation. Here's more about Stefanie's inspiring journey and details about where to grab your very own Good Genes creation!

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hi friends! My name is Stefanie and I’m young professional born and raised in the city of Toronto. I’m a commerce graduate with a passion for all things business, fashion and marketing related. I have a shoe collection that is taking over my room and friend group that is slightly obsessed with one another. My goals in life are to live healthy, give back, and be on time for things every once in awhile.

2. What made you decide to start Good Genes?

Good Genes is a result of a lazy Sunday and a random burst of creativity. I was at home one day and all of sudden got an urge to paint something on my jean jacket (I’m not kidding). I couldn’t find my old jacket anywhere, but I was so determined to paint something that I decided to use my new one that I loved. I was nervous as I looked down at the yellow blob I just ruined my jacket with, but in the end all my friends ended up loving what I did. This turned into a request for another one and I realized there was a demand for painted denim jackets - I was looking for a creative outlet and finally found one!  

3. What is your favourite fall trend this season?

My favourite trend this season is the slip dress. I’m a sucker for dresses and I love that you can pair the slip dress with something casual like a jean jacket (hehe) for the day, and switch it to thigh high boots and a leather jacket for the evening. Its sexy, yet classy and is a look that everyone should try!

4. What is the one piece of clothing in your closet that you can't live without?

Without a doubt, the one piece of clothing I can’t live without would be my vintage pair of denim jeans that were passed down to me from my mom. I wear them all year round, with simple white tees and aviators in the summer, and over sized turtlenecks in the winter. I wear them out at night, but also pair them with runners during the day when I’m running errands. You wouldn’t think they’d be as comfortable as they are, but after all the wear and tear they truly fit like a glove. Unfortunately, each time I wear them the hole slightly larger and I dread the day they are too ripped to wear in public!

5. As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to anyone looking to start a business?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Seriously! When I first started painted jackets, it took me forever to finally a) post one on my own instagram and b) start a new account for Good Genes. Once I went for it, I realized all my friends and family supported me 100% instead of being critical like I was so worried about. I was nervous that the jackets weren’t nice enough to feature, but if you want your idea to actually go anywhere you have to put yourself out there and show everyone your passion.  Anyone who can see that will be supportive!

6. If you were to design your own personal Good Genes denim jacket with no monetary restrictions, what would it look like?

My own personal jacket would involve a mix of intense studs and spikes yet be covered with a glitter and flowers all at the same time. I love pairing two contrasting looks with each other, for  example, lace and leather or floral dresses and chunky boots and this is how I would style the jacket if I had the chance!  I would distress the entire jacket, add studs and spikes to the collar and shoulders, and paint “Wild hearts don’t break” in huge letters on the back.  I would then brush silver glitter over the whole thing, and add rhinestones and fake flowers to anywhere they will fit.   

7. Where do you hope to see Good Genes in a year? 3 years?

My goal when I first started this company was to not only sell custom jackets, but also use a piece of the revenue to help a local charity. In the next year, I hope to gain a solid following on my Etsy page and Instagram, so I can hopefully *fingers crossed* reach 100 jackets sold with a portion going towards a cause. Over the past few months, I’ve really been focusing on getting the company started and creating enough inventory to open an online shop. Now that I feel comfortable, the next phase will be to start reaching out to local charities. In the next three years, I would love to have a strong relationship with a charity I feel passionate about and work together to host clothing drives and inspire my followers to give back. One of my favourite quotes is “Think Global, Shop Local” and this is the mantra I want my company to embody.

8. How can interested buyers purchase their own custom Good Genes?

I’m proud to say I finally started an etsy page! Find me at “GoodgenesTO” and feel free to scope out all of my custom designs.  If you can’t decide on anything, or the style you want it sold old, shoot me a message on instagram @goodgenesto or an email at and we can work together to create your own PERSONAL one of a kind jacket!! Can you tell I’m excited to hear from all of you??