When in Doubt, Wear Something Sparkly

When in Doubt, Wear Something Sparkly

Love & Legend Sparkling Jumpsuit - Addition Elle | Black Stilleto Hells - Shoedazzle | Faux Fur Coat (old) - Similar Here

I have been feeling so unbelievably under the weather lately. Along with being slapped with a serious cold and dealing with stress influenced skin that just won't quit, I've just generally been feeling out of it. My creative juices aren't flowing as they usually do and my level of complacency has sky rocketed, leaving me looking for my spunk and inner fight. So, in the face of all these personal lows, I did what any normal person would - I went shopping!

When I say that I pulled into the Addition Elle Sarcee location looking like a hot mess, I am seriously under selling my level of idgaf. With my NOLA leggings, checkered button up and a CANADA toque I went in hoping to find something that would help pull me out of my rut. I browsed for a while, taking a look at all the bright colours and patterns I could. I was giving up on the mission when this L&L jumpsuit in all its sparkling, glittery goodness literally jumped out at me! First of all, I have a serious phobia of jumpsuits. I carry my weight in my mid section, so I have never had a good experience with jumpsuits. But I decided to give this jumpsuit a chance and to prove to my younger self that I could rock a jumpsuit!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt amazing in this jumpsuit! The fit of the jumpsuit is on the more casual side, with a waist level drawstring tie that helps provide that hour glass shape. There are drawstring detailing at both the arms and legs and the subtle shimmering material helps you catch the light from every angle! I kid you not - I went home and wore this around the house all evening because it made me feel that good! It is both the perfect pick me up as well as an awesome addition to your holiday wardrobe!

So the moral of this story is that when in doubt, wear something that makes you feel good. Be it that purple floor length dress that has been hanging in the back of your closet or the perfect jumpsuit at your favourite retailer. The power of fashion is so underrated - once you understand how wearing a silk blouse can increase your confidence walking into a job interview, you can see how wearing a bright hue or cool pattern can help you out of a rut!