Happy Birthday To Me

Colour Block Shift Dress -   Asos Curve   | Harmonie Statement Necklace -   Aldo    Accessories |  Two Tone Pumps (old) -   Similar Here

Colour Block Shift Dress - Asos Curve | Harmonie Statement Necklace - Aldo Accessories | Two Tone Pumps (old) - Similar Here

Yay! I am finally 22! Growing up a year younger than all my friends was always so frustrating because they'd be out living their 19 year old legal lives and I'd be like "Oh..that's cool...I'll be DD tonight" as I sipped on my sprite. But as I get older, I have come to appreciate being younger so much more. It gives me a year to learn from my friends and peers, allowing me to tackle my 22nd year of life with all the more clarity. Thank you everyone for the kind and heart warming wishes, and thanks mom & dad for making it all possible (both biologically and emotionally). When I blew out my birthday candles, my one wish was that I remain happy and full of laughter. I wish the same to you all as well. 

Due to the lovely mid-winter weather here in Calgary, which includes 15cm of snow in 3 hours and the sun setting around 4PM, I was forced to take these pictures indoors. This was pretty sucky since I love showing the different pieces of clothing in an every day setting as opposed to in front of studio lighting, but it's all good! The images turned out great and I couldn't be happier! I would like to extend the hugest thank you to Ann-Lai for helping me out with these beautiful images. You is the real MVP!

Side Note: Budget Friendly Statement Necklaces

I was approached by a friend of mine to include other alternative options for the Aldo Accessories Harmonie Statement Necklace I am wearing in this post. I did some digging and found some similar and more affordable options, which are seen below! 

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