Jumping into Fall with Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh is a household name here in Canada. This brand, which started in Toronto in 2006, has been the go-to for wardrobe basics, lifestyle collections and affordable fashion for families cross the nation. I have pieces from the Joe Fresh straight-size line, which runs up to an XL, that I swear by which made me absolutely ecstatic when I heard they launched a plus size collection. Joe Fresh has made the very welcome decision to bring these same wardrobe building block essentials to plus size consumers, making the brand even more accessible. I put together 3 different looks with styles from the new collection to show you how I'm bringing Joe Fresh into my fall closet. 

Look 1 - Flirty Fall Vibes

Cold-Shoulder Dress | Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn't mean we have to abandon the fun, flirty looks we loved in summer. Bringing cold shoulders, bold prints and flirty dresses into your fall wardrobe will make sure vibrancy is added to your looks this season. I love the lightweight versatility of this dress and look forward to adding stockings and a turtleneck as the weather gets cooler. Paired with my new fav Michael Kors cross body bag and colourful sandals, this look makes me feel like it can be summer all year long.

Look 2 - The Casual Moto

Moto Jacket + Pintuck Print Sleeveless Blouse in Navy | A moto jacket is a must in every fall wardrobe. They are the perfect layering piece and add the finishing touch to even the most casual look. I paired this vibrant, lightweight moto with the pin tuck sleeveless blouse to create a casual look perfect for transitioning into fall. Sizing note - this line definitely fits big. I am a size 18/20 and decided to size up to a 3X so I would be able to wear this over a chunky knit sweater. I could have easily done so with a 2X and a 1X would have been the correct fit for this look - so I would size down for sure!

Look 3 - Cozy Work Wear

Open Short Sleeve Cardi in JF Jag Green & Print Wrap Dress in Jade | I am a huge proponent of being as cozy as possible for work. I work 12 hour shifts so even the cutest look can get very old very fast if it isn't comfortable. This show sleeve cardi is both warm and stylish, making it the perfect pairing for a wrap dress to add an air of professionalism. With a belt to create a cinched waste and scrappy kitten heels, this look is an awesome way to stay warm at work this season. 

This is a sponsored post; however, all thoughts and ideas are my own.

Flaunt Your Shoulders with the Perfect Strapless Bra!

If you have been reading this blog from the jump, you know there are two things I love the most when it comes to fashion - print mixing and off the shoulder pieces. Print mixing is my way of using the creative side of my brain, pairing unconventional patterns and prints together to create out of the box looks. Off the shoulder pieces, on the other hand, are my personal way of celebrating a body part that I was not always comfortable with. As many women do, I have stretch marks that run across my shoulders and down my back, and I spent years trying to hide these under sweaters and denim jackets in the middle of the summer. However, I have come to realize that I love my little tiger stripes - they represent growth and the perseverance of the female form. As a result, I have one too many off shoulder pieces in my closet which i wear with absolutely no regret!

Now, with off shoulder and strappy looks comes great responsibility, and the first step to nailing that shoulder flaunting look is the perfect bra. There is no faster way to ruin that effortless off shoulder look than with a bra strap that requires constant supervision to ensure that it stays in place. Ladies, I know you feel me when I say that finding the perfect strapless bra can be a struggle. Regardless of your size, finding a strapless bra that holds the girls up while providing the proper support can often times feel like an impossible task. But long gone are the days of sacrificing a look due to an ill fitting bra! Here are my 3 tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect strapless bra!

Shop the thirdlove 24/7 strapless bras   here  ! the run up to a size 40 F!

Shop the thirdlove 24/7 strapless bras here! the run up to a size 40 F!

Tip 1: Try them on!

I am often times surprised about the fit of a strapless bra when I first try one on. It is easy to assume that your regular bra size should be the size you go with; however, that is not always the case. Because a strapless bra relies solely on the band as the only form of support, I actually size down in both cup and band when shopping for strapless bras. This is a comfort thing on my part because it ensures that the band is snug enough and won't slip down as I go about my business. as well, the smaller cup helps add that "push-up" look that sometimes lacks in a strapless bra, making sure the girls are good and taken care of!

Tip 2: Quality counts!

I've said this time and time again - invest in your bras! Your bras are the one area of your closet that you do not want to skimp on because splurging on a bra that fits well and is contructed with the best materials will ensure that you get what you paid for. Never sleep on the importance of having great support under any look you put together - putting quality first will ensure that you nail each look every time!

Tip 3: Do your research!

Believe it or not, there are different types of strapless bras and they are each contructed to serve different purposes. Bandeau or tube, under wired push ups, bustier or long lines, silicon and even strapless bras with removable straps are some of the different variations of strapless bras to choose from. Yes, this can be overwhelming for anyone like me, who panics at the thought of menus at the local Boston Pizza; but, if you know exactly what you want from your strapless bra purchase, the experience becomes far easier. Being prepared and researching these different types of strapless bras is an important tip to rememeber at all times!     

Now that you are all set and ready to find that perfect bra, here is a list of my current off-shoulder faves to flaunt those shoulders in!

My Zaful "Denim Bikini"-Inspired Summer Wishlist

Summer is finally in the air and all I can think about is beefing up my bikini and beach wear wardrobe. Zaful is a great place to start when looking for the perfect underwire bikini or a funky option like their amazing denim bikini! I was so inspired by all the summer ready goodies by Zaful that I just had to share my top 5 Zaful pieces that will get you ready to glow this summer!

1. An underwire bikini in a funky print!

Color Block Halter Plus Size Bikini available up to a size 5XL - shop HERE!

2. The perfect boohoo beach dress to slay in!

Three Quarter Sleeve Cold Shoulder Dress in Deep Blue available up to a size 3XL - shop HERE!

3. A cut-out one-piece for those photo-op moments!

Plus Size Cut Out Color Block Swimwear in Black available up to size 4XL - shop HERE!

4. Tropical themed shorts to show off those thick thighs!

Pineapple Embroidery High Waisted Denim Shorts in Light Blue - available up to size XL - shop HERE!

5. The most angelic cover up to elevate your beach game!

White Pocket 3/4 Sleeve Trench Coat in White available up to size 2XL - shop HERE!

Summer is the perfect season to go out and flaunt your curves. With this list alongside the many other plus size beachwear items available at Zaful, you can tackle this coming season with goddess-like confidence!

This is a sponsored post; however, all thoughts and ideas are my own.

My Spring Colours

Spring is finally here! After months of darkness, cold weather and endless supplies of dark tones, the season of rebirth and new life is finally upon us. The warmer weather welcomes brighter colours and playful prints into our day-to-day wardrobes leading us to ask ourselves what our go to Spring hues are. As always, Pantone is always the place to start when looking for your season's palette, so I headed over and pulled together six hues that range from pastels to bold tones to set the stage for my Spring looks!

My Spring colour palette incorporates both warm and cool tones. It is a major misconception that cool hues, such as Lapis Blue and Kale pictured above, are reserved only for cooler seasons; however, these cool and vibrant hues deserve a chance in your closet this Spring. I like to use these cool tones as neutrals during the warmer months, acting as vibrant bases to build colourful and inviting looks. In my opinion, these six colours remind me of the bright colours found within the Santorini coast - vivid blues, playful oranges and a myriad of textures and patterns. I've taken these six colours and created "His & Hers" looks that reflect my Spring colour palette, playfully named "Santorini in the Spring". This was a fun little project that challenged me to think about putting together outfits that not only reflected these colours but complimented each other at the same time. As well, putting together a male-look is way outside my comfort zone, but with inspiration from Bonobos' Spring lookbook, I was able to put together a look that exudes Spring vibes.    

My "His" look is all about the pastels in my colour choice. I have paired a simple button down shirt in a gorgeous Pale Dogwood shade - yes, men can wear pink too! - with a fitted blazer jacket in the neutral navy. Alongside some khaki shorts, understated Vans and a leather strap watch, this look is all about that laid back, European island lifestyle. Being the pattern-loving individual that I am, I knew I had to add some pattern to the look so I opted for two small scale prints. The floral bowtie adds interest while also playing up both the pale pink and navy blue on the top half of this look. The dotted pocket handkerchief plays up the tan hue in the shorts while the bold Flame trim adds vibrancy, tying into the "Hers" look below!

Sidetone - I put together this look with a specific friend of mine in mind. This individual shies away from colour but loves the classic casual-meets-formal aesthetic. My way of sneaking colour and vibrancy into this look without throwing him off was through subtle accents such as the pocket handkerchief trim and the pink within the bowtie!

My "Her" look is influenced by the bold and rich colours found in my Spring palette. Dresses and peep toes are one of my favourite parts of this new season - it is a celebration of finally being able to show a little skin after a winter filled with layers. Victorian inspired pieces are all the fad for Spring 2017, which includes playful ruffles, empire waists and sheer layering. This gorgeous yellow dress exudes all the vibrancy of Spring while keeping the Victorian romanticism that will be prevalent this season. Paired with a floral patchwork structured tote (which I need in real life) and multicoloured chandelier earrings, this look is right out of my colour-filled Spring wardrobe. In order to pull everything together, I utilized the cool blue tone as a neutral in this belted trench and added some peep toe strapped booties in a tan colour, reflective of the "His" palette. As a sucker for watches, I found this beautiful dainty watch in the Pale Dogwood hue, adding softness to the look. I decided to not add a necklace because I wanted the Victorian neckline, ruffled sleeves and high waist details to standout as a focal point in this look!

So here you have it - my take on Spring colours for this 2017 season. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback so feel free to comment below!!

This is a sponsored post; however, all thoughts and ideas are my own.

Addition Elle Launches Their First Bridal Collection!

Ladies, I have some seriously life altering news to share. Addition Elle, one of my all time favourite brands, is launching their first ever bridal collection on February 19th! I was lucky enough to get a little sneak peak of the 5 different bridal styles Addition Elle will be offering, and I must say, they are stunning. Although I still have some time before finding Mr. Right and jumping the broom, I am constantly inundated with questions from you all regarding plus size wedding gowns. Addition Elle not only listened to their customers and provided affordable wedding dresses ranging from size 12-24, the designs are romantic and mirror the latest trends.

One of my biggest qualms I have when it comes to plus wedding gowns is that they often times leave style out of the equation. The dresses by Addition Elle are elegant and classically romantic, two design train of thoughts that are often forgotten when catering to plus size brides. The collection is adorned with delicate lace and classic jewels making each piece timeless and unforgettable. Each dress is designed with standout detailing such as empire waist silhouettes, beautiful lace belts, flirty off the shoulder cuts and flattering midi lengths. 

Addition Elle bridal collection, which starts at $240-380, will be available exclusively online at additionelle.com as of February 19th, 2017!