1 Brand, 2 Outfits Featuring Addition Elle

1 Brand, 2 Outfits Featuring Addition Elle

This is such a throwback to the original content I used to post on my blog and this makes my soul so happy! For those of you who have been reading my blog from the jump (I see you and I appreciate you!) you probably remember my posts where I talked purely about fashion and showcased my passion for styling a full outfit from head to toe. I feel like I have been going through it and my blog posts have reflected that but, for the first time in a while, I am doing okay and can now use this platform to throw it back to why I started blogging in the first place - proving that style has no size! It is only fitting that I am revisiting this side of me with one of the first brands I showcased here - Addition Elle! Addition Elle is one of my core brands and the fact that they are Canadian hits close to home for me. They showed me love from literally the jump when I was taking pictures in front of my parents house with a tripod and it is so amazing that I am now working with them to showcase their incredible plus size fashion range. And what better way to do so than by putting together two full outfits from Addition Elle!

Outfit 1

A pant suit is my power outfit. When I want to feel strong, bold and confident in any aspect of my life, I automatically gravitate towards a bomb fitting, single coloured pant suit. So when I went into the dressing room at Addition Elle in Montreal (watch the full video here!) I fell head over heels in love with this suit. This cream coloured linen pant suit screams sophisticated business woman who hosts fundraisers in her Cape Cod summer home on the lake. The paper bag waist pants come with a linen belt that adds a very classic touch but I felt inspired to make this suit a little more edgy. I brought this classic suit into the street style realm by swapping out the linen belt with this awesome snakeskin belt with gold detailing. Paired with some snakeskin sandals and a simple white t-shirt, this look is effortless but packs a punch.

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Outfit 2

I let out an audible scream when I first stepped into this jumpsuit. First of all, the fact that I can wear such a bold snake print so casually makes me so happy. I am never one to shy away from prints, so a jump suit in a solid print is something I am always on the hunt for. Secondly, as a tall plus size woman (I am 5’9 for reference) it is nearly impossible to find jumpsuits that fit me properly. I can count on one hand the number of jumpsuits I have owned in my lifetime because the cut is usually to short on the legs or to narrow in the hips causing the suit to sit awkwardly on my body. This jumpsuit is designed with bodies like ours in mind. Addition Elle didn’t simply take a jumpsuit in a small size and make it bigger - they created a jumpsuit for a body with thick things and wider hips, ensuring that we could fit comfortably into such a chic piece. Originally, this jumpsuit comes with a material belt which I think I will use if I wear this to a dressier occasion; however, for a more street style look, I decided to add a bum bag to define my waist, a white leather jacket (because who doesn’t need a white leather jacket?!) and my snakeskin sandals to add my personalized touch.

Shop Outfit 2 by Clicking the Images below! (use code INEMESIT20 to get 20% off online until May 31st!)

I hope that this blog post shows how easy it is to add your personal touches to outfits. I really appreciate the fact that Addition Elle is deigning clothing for bodies like mine and doing so unapologetically. Please tag me in the Addition Elle looks you put together because I would love to see how you style these pieces!