How I Plan An Outfit

How I Plan An Outfit

Photography by Katrina Ramsvik

For this look, I decided to land on a very neutral palette. My aim with this look was to use the colours on a print from one singular part of the outfit to help fill in the rest of the look. I found these snake print pants from Boohoo Curve and the colours found in them were perfect. I picked up the darker brown for my Shoedazzle booties, the camel tones for the coat and bag then used the cream to find the finishing touch - this beyond cozy sweat top from Boohoo. I follow these steps when planning any outfit and it has yet to fail me!

Planning an outfit is a ritual to me. When I put together an outfit I make a conscious effort to think about the details. I think about prints, textures, colours and accents that pull pieces together without anyone realizing it. A full look isn’t necessarily about each individual item but how all the pieces come together and tell a story. My favourite way of doing this is by first settling on a colour theme and building from there. This makes it easier for me to find pieces that I know will work together while taking some risks and pairing them with bold prints and fun textures.


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