Flaunt Your Shoulders with the Perfect Strapless Bra!

Flaunt Your Shoulders with the Perfect Strapless Bra!

If you have been reading this blog from the jump, you know there are two things I love the most when it comes to fashion - print mixing and off the shoulder pieces. Print mixing is my way of using the creative side of my brain, pairing unconventional patterns and prints together to create out of the box looks. Off the shoulder pieces, on the other hand, are my personal way of celebrating a body part that I was not always comfortable with. As many women do, I have stretch marks that run across my shoulders and down my back, and I spent years trying to hide these under sweaters and denim jackets in the middle of the summer. However, I have come to realize that I love my little tiger stripes - they represent growth and the perseverance of the female form. As a result, I have one too many off shoulder pieces in my closet which i wear with absolutely no regret!

Now, with off shoulder and strappy looks comes great responsibility, and the first step to nailing that shoulder flaunting look is the perfect bra. There is no faster way to ruin that effortless off shoulder look than with a bra strap that requires constant supervision to ensure that it stays in place. Ladies, I know you feel me when I say that finding the perfect strapless bra can be a struggle. Regardless of your size, finding a strapless bra that holds the girls up while providing the proper support can often times feel like an impossible task. But long gone are the days of sacrificing a look due to an ill fitting bra! Here are my 3 tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect strapless bra!

Shop the thirdlove 24/7 strapless bras   here  ! the run up to a size 40 F!

Shop the thirdlove 24/7 strapless bras here! the run up to a size 40 F!

Tip 1: Try them on!

I am often times surprised about the fit of a strapless bra when I first try one on. It is easy to assume that your regular bra size should be the size you go with; however, that is not always the case. Because a strapless bra relies solely on the band as the only form of support, I actually size down in both cup and band when shopping for strapless bras. This is a comfort thing on my part because it ensures that the band is snug enough and won't slip down as I go about my business. as well, the smaller cup helps add that "push-up" look that sometimes lacks in a strapless bra, making sure the girls are good and taken care of!

Tip 2: Quality counts!

I've said this time and time again - invest in your bras! Your bras are the one area of your closet that you do not want to skimp on because splurging on a bra that fits well and is contructed with the best materials will ensure that you get what you paid for. Never sleep on the importance of having great support under any look you put together - putting quality first will ensure that you nail each look every time!

Tip 3: Do your research!

Believe it or not, there are different types of strapless bras and they are each contructed to serve different purposes. Bandeau or tube, under wired push ups, bustier or long lines, silicon and even strapless bras with removable straps are some of the different variations of strapless bras to choose from. Yes, this can be overwhelming for anyone like me, who panics at the thought of menus at the local Boston Pizza; but, if you know exactly what you want from your strapless bra purchase, the experience becomes far easier. Being prepared and researching these different types of strapless bras is an important tip to rememeber at all times!     

Now that you are all set and ready to find that perfect bra, here is a list of my current off-shoulder faves to flaunt those shoulders in!