Blush & Sheer with a Side of VBO

Lace Mesh Kimono - Forever 21 Plus | Blush Bodycon Dress - Forever 21 Plus | Single Strap Block Heels - Torrid

I woke up with a profound appreciation of my belly. Weird, right? My belly and I, we have a love-hate relationship. I spent a majority of my life in shape wear and corsets hoping to achieve that flat stomach that was all the rage under those body con dresses. But since starting this blog - which I owe so much of my new found confidence to - I've slowly started falling in love with her. I used to cringe when my belly was touched in any capacity, shrinking away from any aknowegedment of something that was literally a part of me; however, I'm getting better. I love it when my belly is rubbed, told she's beautiful and worthy. So here are a bunch of images of me in a body con, sans shape wear and corsets, proving that my body is deserving enough.  

For all the haters that will inevitably surface as a result of this post, I'll catch you in my comments and DMs 🙃.