My Spring Colours

Spring is finally here! After months of darkness, cold weather and endless supplies of dark tones, the season of rebirth and new life is finally upon us. The warmer weather welcomes brighter colours and playful prints into our day-to-day wardrobes leading us to ask ourselves what our go to Spring hues are. As always, Pantone is always the place to start when looking for your season's palette, so I headed over and pulled together six hues that range from pastels to bold tones to set the stage for my Spring looks!

My Spring colour palette incorporates both warm and cool tones. It is a major misconception that cool hues, such as Lapis Blue and Kale pictured above, are reserved only for cooler seasons; however, these cool and vibrant hues deserve a chance in your closet this Spring. I like to use these cool tones as neutrals during the warmer months, acting as vibrant bases to build colourful and inviting looks. In my opinion, these six colours remind me of the bright colours found within the Santorini coast - vivid blues, playful oranges and a myriad of textures and patterns. I've taken these six colours and created "His & Hers" looks that reflect my Spring colour palette, playfully named "Santorini in the Spring". This was a fun little project that challenged me to think about putting together outfits that not only reflected these colours but complimented each other at the same time. As well, putting together a male-look is way outside my comfort zone, but with inspiration from Bonobos' Spring lookbook, I was able to put together a look that exudes Spring vibes.    

My "His" look is all about the pastels in my colour choice. I have paired a simple button down shirt in a gorgeous Pale Dogwood shade - yes, men can wear pink too! - with a fitted blazer jacket in the neutral navy. Alongside some khaki shorts, understated Vans and a leather strap watch, this look is all about that laid back, European island lifestyle. Being the pattern-loving individual that I am, I knew I had to add some pattern to the look so I opted for two small scale prints. The floral bowtie adds interest while also playing up both the pale pink and navy blue on the top half of this look. The dotted pocket handkerchief plays up the tan hue in the shorts while the bold Flame trim adds vibrancy, tying into the "Hers" look below!

Sidetone - I put together this look with a specific friend of mine in mind. This individual shies away from colour but loves the classic casual-meets-formal aesthetic. My way of sneaking colour and vibrancy into this look without throwing him off was through subtle accents such as the pocket handkerchief trim and the pink within the bowtie!

My "Her" look is influenced by the bold and rich colours found in my Spring palette. Dresses and peep toes are one of my favourite parts of this new season - it is a celebration of finally being able to show a little skin after a winter filled with layers. Victorian inspired pieces are all the fad for Spring 2017, which includes playful ruffles, empire waists and sheer layering. This gorgeous yellow dress exudes all the vibrancy of Spring while keeping the Victorian romanticism that will be prevalent this season. Paired with a floral patchwork structured tote (which I need in real life) and multicoloured chandelier earrings, this look is right out of my colour-filled Spring wardrobe. In order to pull everything together, I utilized the cool blue tone as a neutral in this belted trench and added some peep toe strapped booties in a tan colour, reflective of the "His" palette. As a sucker for watches, I found this beautiful dainty watch in the Pale Dogwood hue, adding softness to the look. I decided to not add a necklace because I wanted the Victorian neckline, ruffled sleeves and high waist details to standout as a focal point in this look!

So here you have it - my take on Spring colours for this 2017 season. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback so feel free to comment below!!

This is a sponsored post; however, all thoughts and ideas are my own.