Spring 2017 Trends To Look Out For

Spring 2017 Trends To Look Out For

I know it may seem far away, but the Spring season is right around the corner! This season is an important one because it sets the tone for the rest of the year’s fashion trends. Spring fashion can be interpreted as a celebration, opening the creative doors for all of our inner fashionistas after months of oversized knits and cool colours. Below are my top 8 Spring 2017 fashion trends to keep an eye out for this coming season!


1.     Amped Up Athleisure

Athleisure is a trend that really took off during the Fall 2016 season. In 2017, look for a sexier take on this trend, including sporty separates and curve-hugging knits!

2.     Spotlight Bras

Wearing a bra as a top is pretty much a right of passage for most and this coming season, bras are finally getting the time they deserve in the spotlight! Disregard all claims that this trend is only for members of the “itty-bitty-titty-committee – any cup size is welcome to rock this trend!

3.     Garden Tea Party

As if I could ever put together a Spring trend list and not include some florals! This season, fresh florals in delicate prints will bring femininity to your favourite spring pieces, including tiered skirts and ruffled dresses.

4.     Fun Stripes

I’m always here for a bold print and Spring ’17 shall not disappoint. Stripes of all sizes are sticking around in bright hues and funky shapes. Be still my print mixing heart!

5.     Army Chic

Camouflage has quite literally taken over every rack in every clothing store across the board. Spring ’17 will see this trend grow to include oversized cargo pants and boxy silhouettes in the signature utilitarian khaki hue.

6.     Supersize My Bags

Large duffel-like bags will be your accessory of choice this season! Not only are they extremely useful (read: the perfect bag to chuck your life into), these oversized bags will add a level of casual to any look.

7.     Serious Statement Earrings

Over the top, borderline “too much” earrings are a big thing to watch out for this season. These will be the perfect way to add a dramatic punch to any look while providing the perfect selfie accessory.

8.     Grunge Groupie

This trend is all about 70’s rockstar style meets “with the band” aesthetics. Think faux leather and embellished studs with a grunge rocker twist!