New Year, New Journey

Seafoam Two Piece -   Addition Elle   | Soft Tuxedo Jacket -   Pennigtons   | Meet Me At Midnight Headband -   Aldo Accessories  |  Shoes (Old Shoedazzle) -   Similar Here

Seafoam Two Piece - Addition Elle | Soft Tuxedo Jacket - Pennigtons | Meet Me At Midnight Headband - Aldo Accessories | Shoes (Old Shoedazzle) - Similar Here

I can’t believe that this day is finally here! It is an out of body, metaphysically transcending, unicorns and glitter filled experience to be posting my first blog post. I want to thank all my friends and family that put up with all of my creative rants that happened to occur at 2AM, who sat by me as I shuffled through about a thousand potential names for the blog (before settling for my name…the first option that I came up with) and for braving the extreme Calgary weather (where -20 is a warm winter afternoon) to help me get the perfect shot. 

My name is Inemesit Etokudo. Yes, that is quite the mouthful, and yes I often have to shorten it in order for people to pronounce it. Nevertheless, I am very proud of my Nigerian heritage, and enjoy rocking a unique, powerful name that reminds me of my roots. I am 21 years old, a proud McMaster University Alumni, Nu Omega Zeta sorority founding mother, and current business professional. I am a science nerd at heart, a book lover in my soul and a Black woman who, in her short life span, has learnt to navigate the predominantly white, male dominated realm of oil & gas. 

On top of that I love fashion. I love the ability it gives you to express yourself and the freedom it allows for you to breathe your uniqueness into your everyday life. I am a proud, body positive, feminist, so I am out here representing all my curvy ladies.

Currently, this blog is basically an outward interpretation of what goes on in my mind, no holds bar. It may be a lot at first seeing verses of poetry intermingling with the sweet new black turtleneck I got from Asos, or an essay on the meaning of success followed up by my top red lipstick picks; but this is simply my creative process. I was advised by people to streamline exactly what my blog would entail, but I am so not a streamlined person, so why try to be one here? I want to use this blog to get out my frustrations about society, rock a new pair of spiked boot wedges, and show you the best place to get carnations in Calgary in the middle of winter. 

So welcome to my beautiful chaos. I hope something I post at some point will resonate with you on a deeper level. I am always looking for feedback and great discussion, so please feel free to contact me or comment below any of my posts and I will make sure to respond. 

Love & light!