Fall Preppy Minimalist

Fall Preppy Minimalist

photography by Ayobami Balogun (@aobyyc)

Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking regarding what stye is. I know this is a vague question but a tricky one to answer nonetheless. When I am asked what my style is, I go to my relied upon catchphrase- a print mixing minimalist; however, lately I've been losing touch with this definition. My sense of style is something that is important to me because I see it as an outward representation of who I am on the inside. My personality, struggles, likes and dislikes become apparent in the way I dress, causing me to literally wear my heart on my sleeve. 

I think that I slipped into a monotonous way of approaching my style and I slowly found myself in a serious style rut. Not only did this lead to my style suffering, my creativity and concentration went out the window as well. It was time to shake up my approach and planning a stylized shoot was exactly what I needed to reignite my style. 

I stumbled upon the ever dapper Sádiq from @styledyyc a few weeks ago and knew I had to work with him. His clean looks inspired me to question my style and re-think the print mixing minimalist brand I have cultivated. Taking elements from Sádiq's gentleman-esque vibes, I came up with a minimalist look that pulled on my print loving nature.

I paired these great Checked Trousers by Elvi Clothing with a bronze jumper by New Look that played off the bronze detail in the trousers. I topped it off with one of my all time favourite jackets - this deep berry wool trench coat from Penningtons has been a part of my Fall/Winter closet for three years running now! I decided to keep the jewelry to a minimum, opting for a bar drop gold pice from Aldo Accessories. To cool down the warm tones, I decided to throw in a forest green satchel, olive trapped sandals and blue socks (socks and heels are my favourite thing ever), tying it all together with a Ralph Lauren scarf that incorporates all the main colours in this look.

Putting together this looked helped me fall back in love with my style. I decided to play with colours and textures to create a look that spoke to my renewed sense of purpose. Being able to push the envelope and wear trends reserved by the spright sized catwalks, this look goes beyond reaffirming my sense of self - this look proves that style truly has no size. 

The Afterthought 

As with most Calgary days, it got unbelievably cold during our shoot so we had to run into a local coffee shop to seek refuge. Ayo, being the innovative thinker that he is, decided to grab some shots while we waited for the sun to pop out and I was pleasantly surprised to see how amazing they turned out! It never ceases to amaze me the magic that happens when you forget you're infront of a camera! I am not a smiler when it comes to my shoots, and usually I can get away with it; however, with both Ayo and Sadiq actively working to get a smile out of me during our down time, I may have let a couple of grins slip here and there.

I was seriously nervous going into this shoot in particular because sharing the lens with another individual is something I hadn't done before. I was worried about posing and figuring out how best to navigate the shot without intruding on each other's space. I did unreal amounts of research and practiced two person stances in front of my washroom mirror with a mop out of sheer fear (don't judge me!). Luckily, these guys made it so easy! We fell into a rhythm, working towards ideas that we all shared. This shoot is by far my favourite shoot to date, and the images we produced rank up there! I am so happy to have met these two and can not thank them enough for bringing my vision to life! 

Keep an eye out for more collars from us - The Fly Trio!