What I Would Have Worn to the Beyoncé Concert if Alberta Weather wasn't so Sus

Gold Revenge Baseball Jersey - Yatir Clothing | Tess Holliday Sleeveless Bustier Crop Top - Penningtons | Mary Jo K - Kylie Cosmetics

This past weekend, a few friends and I had the bomb ass opportunity to see our Queen and Supreme Leader Beyoncé "Snatch Your Edges" Knowles live during her Formation World Tour. I legitimately could not sit still or concentrate on much for the days leading up to the concert. I would fall asleep to Lemonade and wake up telling the world that I ain't sorry. The night before, I got a total of approximately 3 hours of sleep, which made Zen a very grumpy puppy the next morning. But nothing could stop my shine. I smiled non stop from Calgary to Edmonton at 6AM and kept on beaming as we went on some fun city wide adventures involving a laptop and a forgotten set of keys.

The exhaustion started to really started to kick in at the Edmonton Mall, between battling through the Forever XI jungle and losing my sense of smell within Bath & Body works. But I remained up beat because nothing could stop my Beyoncé inspired shine! I won't lie though, I did sneak in a nap as a consequence of a measly 3 hours of sleep, but I bounced back like a straight champ when it was time to get ready. I unpacked everything and was ready to get my Tess Holliday inspired dark cheerleader look together when I gazed outside and saw rain. 


Not cute dancing under umbrellas rain, but legit a storm. 

The rain died down but the below zero air that blew in through the windows effectively ended any thoughts of crop tops and skirts. There was a collective "WTF" moment when we all realized that our beautifully and well thought out looks were not going to be gazed upon by the Queen. I was so torn that I even tried on the outfit and tried to convince myself that I could power through the cold, but who was I kidding? There was no way that my sunshine loving self would make it through 5 minutes. So I reluctantly said good bye to my crop top, packed away my heels and, instead, did the usual layer upon layer dressing that living in this wonderful province has taught me. I was able to rock my Yatir Clothing baseball jersey, but that was on top of a pair of heavy black jeans, about 3 coats and kicks.

After setting aside my inner fashionista's tear filled self, I realized that I could have been wearing a garbage bag and I would still have had a blast. It's Beyoncé! Ain't no body care what you wear! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially after we got the awesome (& random!) upgrade to VIP. Not only did I get to experience the performance at such a personal distance, I was blessed enough to touch the Queen's hand and I pretty much felt like I could heal the sick with my touch. I felt as if she transferred all her badass Yoncé, step back if you know what's good sense into me and my life was completely snatched. 

Here are a collection of images from my girls Naween, Nora, Victoria & Cait (because obviously my phone would die before the 5th song).

By the end of the night, our outfit choices morphed into a cross between deep sea fishermen and Alaskan sea lion conservationists. I had rain dripping from pretty much every point on my body and was so cold that I started to loose visual sight; however, none of that even mattered. I touched the Queen's hand and had a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Above all, I was lucky enough to experience it with a group of wonderful, new found friends that sang as loudly and as obnoxiously as me and screamed so loud that I think they did more eardrum damage than the 20 ft speakers did!