The Perfect Knit

Printed 3/4 Sleeved Mini Dress - Junarose | Michel Studio Mixed Matter Long Sleeve Cardigan - Addition Elle | Love & Legend Faux Leather Multi Tie Belt - Addition Elle | Floppy Hat & Heeled Combat Boots - Winners

This past weekend, Addition Elle had an amazing $49 sweater sale. Of course, I had to go in and check it out, only intending to grab a turtle neck. However, when I laid eyes on this beautiful faux leather knit sweater, I had to snag it as well. It is quite literally the perfect knit sweater - comfortable yet soft to the touch. The leather detailing adds character and brings out the dark forest green of the knit.  

I decided to pair this perfect knit with some pattern and colour. I had this Junarose dress from this past summer but never really got a chance to wear it. It is the perfect muted winter floral, and its vibrancy is made fall appropriate by pairing it with the knit sweater. The belt was a clutch time decision and I think it worked out great. It adds a focal point to the outfit while picking up on the faux leather detail of the knit cardigan. 

Finally, it's time to talk accessories, which in my opinion, really bring this look together. I decided to pair the blues and greens in this look with ox blood in the form of a great floppy hat and lipstick. With this, a high pair of grey socks and heeled combat boots from Winners was added, completing this perfect fall outfit. I went light on jewelry, settling on a pair of statement earrings and nothing else. Sometimes less is more, and in this look, I opted for the simplistic approach when it came to the sparkle!

I really enjoy this outfit - it is extremely comfortable and it pulls on this season's key colours. It is easily transitioned into cooler weather - the addition of a pair of grey stockings would allow this look to be worn in winter months as well!