Rekindling My Love of Plaid

Memory Tunic in Black Plaid - ModCloth | Printed Culotte - Penningtons

Plaid and I have a rocky relationship at best. Don't worry, I see how ironic it is that a self proclaimed pattern lover like myself dislikes one of the most basic of patterns. I think it has to do with the years I spent in British Schools around the world, where plaid pinafores and kilts were the only constant young Inem had while moving every year or so. Or maybe it had to do with the fact that plaid always gave off some serious farmer vibes and never once brought up a single thought of glam. I've gone through the years thinking that maybe I just haven't found the perfect plaid and I think it is about time that I make the effort to at least give plaid a chance.

I took a serious leap of faith by not only wearing plaid (which was stressful enough on its own), but by combining it with another pattern as well. Go big or go home, right? To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about this look. When I pattern mix, I tend to draw confidence from picking patterns that I wear regularly and therefore know how they would look and work together. Pattern mixing with plaid is untouched territory, so I deiced to pair it with a lighter pattern that had more negative space. Coupled with a statement purse that draws from the colour in the plaid, the look came together very well!     

As far as plaid goes, this ModCloth tunic does it right. I love that the plaid print is large and the belted detail gives more drama to a simple, yet elegant, piece. The window pane print of the Pennington culottes is so subtle yet packs a killer punch when paired with the large forma plaid. During the shoot, I was a little uncomfortable because I really didn't know how this look would translate once put together but I'm glad I didn't talk myself out of it. I love the final product and I think I am starting to appreciate a good plaid print a little bit more!