My Current Favourite Fit & Flare Picks

I truly appreciate a great fit and flare dress. With my body shape, which leans towards pear-like, I sometimes find it hard to find dresses that can handle all of this (snaps twice). I used to lean to away from fit and flare dresses because I was under this weird assumption that fit and flare dresses would only make me look bottom heavy. But then I decided to try one on and, to my surprise, it was extremely flattering! Fit and flare dresses work to accentuate the waist, often times helping to actually create a waist (which is why it work great for my body shape), while working to create a great A-line shape at the bottom. I haven't seen anyone who couldn't pull off a fit and flare dress - it is quite literally the universal dress. In addition, they are very versatile, allowing you to style them however you like, including adding a button up blows underneath it or a skinny belt with stockings for a more fall appropriate look.

Below are some of my current faves when it comes to fit and flare dresses. Click each image to go directly to where you can purchase your very own! Tag me (@inemesitetokudo) in any of your Instagram fit & flare looks for a chance to get featured on my page!