My Bra Fitting Experience with Addition Elle

Smooth Operator Bra - Déesse Collection

I had the amazing opportunity to head to my local Addition Elle store here in Calgary and try on a few of the new bras from the Déesse collection a few weeks ago. I was so excited to not only get to see the gorgeous collection (which I had been scoping out ever since getting the launch email), I was also looking forward to getting a bra fitting done by an expert. In the past, I have had a handful of bra fitting experiences that were not at all positive. In most cases, the bra fit “expert” had no clue how to fit a plus size woman and ended up pointing me towards the largest size the store carried. This not only made the experience outright uncomfortable, but had me walking away with a bra that didn’t fit right.

Luckily, my first bra fitting experience at Addition Elle left me feeling great about my body and taught me valuable information about bras that has helped me up my bra game! My bra fit expert was Mersadi (@stylebysadi) and she was nothing short of perfect. Off the bat, she made me feel comfortable about stripping down to my bra and getting the girls, whom I have affectionately named Gayle and Oprah, measured. 

She asked me to trust her with picking the right size after I informed her of the size I was currently wearing. As a result of all my other not-so-phenomenal experiences, I found that placing my trust in a bra fit expert was far more difficult than I had originally imaged. But I pushed aside my trust issues and relied wholeheartedly on Mersaid’s expertise when it came to measuring and finding me the perfect bra. I was under the impression that I had the correct size on but as the fitting went on, I quickly realized that was not the case. Getting fitted by a woman who was not only plus size, but wore the Addition Elle bras herself on a daily basis was very reassuring because she could speak to each bra from experience. 

Sheer Desire T-ser - Déesse Collection

Once I had my sizing down, the fun part truly began! I was walked around the store and introduced to the different types of bras Addition Elle has to offer. From the t-shirt style bras that everyone woman, in my opinion, should have as a staple in their wardrobe, to the temptress plunge bra which has made wearing wrap dresses so much easier, I was exposed to a wealth of knowledge that only Addition Elle staff could provide. I was, and still am, stunned by the range of bras that Addition Elle provides and can guarantee that you will find the perfect bra for any occasion. 

I absorbed as much information as I could and with the help of Sadi, landed on three bras from the new Déesse collection to bring home with me. I ended up choosing the Smooth Operator Bra, the Sheer Desire T-ser and the Sheer Desire bra from the collection and I could not be any happier with them! The entire collection is fresh and full of spring inspo in light pastels and fun sprint floral prints. The fit of the bras are extraordinary and have opened my eyes to how important the perfect bra is. I tried them on with outfits I had worn in the past, and couldn’t believe the how much better the new bras made them look.  They corrected my posture and provided support in areas that straight sized bra fit experts would not have been able to highlight. 

On top of all this knowledge, I was schooled on how to properly take care of my lingerie. I took home the Forever New Gentle Washing Powder and the Plus size Bra Saver, two products that I learned would elongate the life of my bras, as well as tips on how to properly dry and store my bras.

The importance of a good bra should never be underestimated. It is the difference between an alright outfit and a stand out one. I look at Addition Elle bras as an investment in the long run because they add immeasurable value to my wardrobe and are one of the staple pieces that keeps giving back. I would like to thank Mersadi and the rest of the Addition Elle Beacon Hill team for being so patient with me during my fitting. My experience was fun, comfortable and filled with knowledge, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Next time you find yourself at Addition Elle, don’t be afraid to ask for a fitting because you will get so much more out of it than you expect!