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Eshe Top - Grass-Fields

This week has been something else. I legit feel like I have witnessed this week from behind a distorted window, seeing and experiencing everything through a weird, slow-motion lens. Starting this blog is one of the hardest, yet rewarding things I have ever done. It continues to baffle me that I am still here, lucky enough to share my thoughts and sense of style with an audience that gets me. It is a serious blessing and one that I do not take for granted. Lately, however, the blog has evolved to the next logical step and has now become a mini business. A part of me wishes the blog could stay the small, little thing it was, remaining a place I can run to in need of a vent or to show off a new fur coat, but progress is inevitable. I work a full time job outside of the blog and with things picking up, it is starting to feel like I have two full time jobs. Once I'm done my 9-5, I spend my 5-9 working on the blog, running around the city in search of shoot locations and constantly planning ways of building my brand. 

I was close to hitting my limit this week, when Ayo (@aobyyc) messaged me over Instagram. He introduced himself as a photographer here in Calgary who heard of my blog and I through a friend of a friend (talk about a small world!). This shoot is the first one we have done together and I can not begin to explain how awesome it was to get to share a part of the blog deadline stress, if only for a short while. His images came out absolutely beautifully and I can not be more grateful. But, aside from the images and the laughs shared on this shoot, Ayo taught me a very important lesson that I think I knew deep down but was to proud to admit - everyone needs help. It is impossible to survive and thrive on your own, no matter how stubborn and head strong you are. I was moving through life this week as the lone crusader, sacrificing sleep and proper nutrition to produce content and hit deadlines. Being given the opportunity to works with a new photographer who I realized had so much in common with me (yay for McMaster Alumni coming together to create great things!) really opened up my eyes to how detrimental the solo act was getting. 

So this is a reminder, to myself more than anything, that I am not an island. I need to reach out and get help. I can not take on the world and destroy all so called fashion rules without people in my corner who are dedicated to helping me achieve the same goal. Thank you Ayo for your help with these images! I can't wait to see what other magic we will create!

This is a sponsored post; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.