I'm a Dress Person

L&L Tencel Slip Dress - Addition Elle | Wide Fit Grey Suedette Platform Heels - New Look | Velvet and Cross Charm Multirow Choker Necklace - Asos Curve

I’m a dress person, there’s just no two ways about it. I enjoy the fact that I can put on one piece of clothing and have a full outfit ready to go. This is partially due to my low-key lazy nature but also because I love the simplicity of one piece looks (looking at your rompers and jumpsuits). Sometimes though, a dress can be the base of an entire look, acting as a flawless foundation. One of the major ruts I fall into sometimes when it comes to dresses is wearing ­­ the dress as is, without trying to take it one step further. Recently, I have started to play with layering pieces under dresses, adding interest to an otherwise simple look. One of my favourite ways to do so is by pairing a fancy dress with a casual t-shirt. This works to dress down a fancy evening dress, allowing you to wear it outside of weddings and special occasions, while also dressing up a white t-shirt.

In this look, I paired two casual pieces together and the product is the perfect Saturday lounge look. This Addition Elle denim dress is stunning on its own! It is overly flattering and is the perfect summer piece to have in your closet this season. I paired it with a shoulder-baring top with a stripe print, completely crushing all the plus size “fashion rules”.  The stripe print really helps bring out the light wash denim of the dress and the off-shoulder cut adds an intricate detail to the halter neckline that the dress provides. Along side some platform sandals from New Look (legit the only place I trust to buy wide fit shoes) and velvet stacked chocker, this look is the perfect addition to your summer plans!