Happy November!

Michel Studio Long Sleeve Turtle Neck - Addition Elle | Nadia Aboulhosn Cargo Pant for L&L - Addition Elle  | Faux Fur Clutch (gifted) - Similar at Rebdolls | Nike Air Max 90  - Nike

Hello and Happy November everyone! It's unreal that 2015 is actually almost over - where did this year go? I know it is way too early to start reminiscing, but with only two months left of this year, I can't help it. This year has been a whirlwind, to say the least. It has been a year of discovery and change, transitioning from the student to the adult life while simultaneously learning more about my personal style. So it is only fitting that I begin this month with a blog post that speaks to this new found style. 

This post is all about exploring my casual side. I am all the way here for body con dresses, high heels and anything sparkly; however, I feel just as glamorous in the simplest outfits. Turtlenecks and cargo pants - there are no two items of clothing that scream casual comfort to me. Sometimes, it's okay to set aside the statement necklace and beaded clutch and put on an outfit that makes you feel glam while also being comfortable AF. In my opinion, a casual look like this, with a pair of kicks and a fun clutch, is just as glam as a little black dress.  

Glam is a state of mind that transcends any outfit and comes from a place where your style meets your comfort level. I am over the notion that plus size clothing can't be this simple - that plus size women can only wear form fitting outfits that show off their your glass figures (snaps twice). Plus size can also manifest itself in simplicity, masculine silhouettes and lack of accessories. This may not be the most popular train of though in the plus size fashion industry right now, but I am more than comfortable rocking this style all on my own!