For the Love of Layers | Part 1 - Office Layers

There is a long list of reasons why I love fall. Ranging from the beautiful, rich palette to the warm materials and textures, fall signals the beginning of what I like to call Cozy Inem. Above all this, however, the ability to layer without constriction has to be one of the top reasons why I love this season. As soon as that first leaf turns yellow, I start unapologetically layering pieces in my closet to create functional, yet practical, looks to pull my wardrobe into fall. The best part about layering is that it allows you to refurbish your beloved spring and summer pieces into fall appropriate looks, all without breaking the bank. To be honest, most of my transitional looks between seasons involves layering because it affords me the flexibility to alter the look based on the ever temperamental weather conditions that come with transitional times.

To show my ever growing love of layering, I have decided to do a two part feature on layering in two different settings. This part is all about how I show my love of layers in my corporate wardrobe. Along side running this blog and interacting with all of you, I work full time in the Calgary corporate world. This is a world where keeping one''s individuality can be difficult but I enjoy the challenge! To prove that creating a fall inspired layered look doesn't need to involve spending serious cash dollars, I put together this look entirely from my wardrobe. As much as I love mixing patterns, mixing textures in an outfit is another great way to add depth to a look. I decided to do my take on the classic sweater-collared shirt combo but pulled at different textures while staying in the same colour palette. I paired a sheer, fall floral print long line blouse under a zipper detail crop sweater. I think its an amazing contrast between the sheer fabric and thick sweater, all while remaining in the same plum-grey palette. 

I decided that the a-symmetric neckline of the sweater would add a level of uniqueness to a classic silhouette. I opted for a pair of slate grey cigarette pants to tie together the guy in the rest of the look. These pants played a dual role, adding both a new pattern as well as keeping the look on the same lane palette wise. Paired with a rich purple satchel and pointed heels in a nude camel and mint to add a focal point, this look is fall ready without spending one dime!

The moral of this post is that you can bring your wardrobe into fall without breaking the bank. By utilizing items you already have in your closet in a new way, you can build double the looks to get you through to fall. Some of my favourite ways of layering is to throw button up shirts under pretty much anything from dresses to crop tops, utilizing turtle necks as a layering staple and layering different materials in order to add depth to your looks! Play with the gorgeous warm tones fall is famous for while creating work appropriate looks. 

Part 2 will be all about how shopping the current trends will help you put together casual layering looks!