Curves of the World Dare Mag Feature

My Curves of the World feature in DARE Magazine's Fall 2015 Issue went live yesterday, and I am still reeling from the sheer excitement of seeing little old me in a magazine! How out of body is that?! This is the real first outward expression of the blog in any media form, and I could not be happier about representing Calgary, AB on the Canadian plus size stage! I really hope that by seeing plus size representation from a city that is still new to embracing the curves, women across YYC would feel a little more empowered to flaunt their curves.

Trench Coat in Midi Length - Asos Curve | Skinny Ankle Grazer in 70's print- Asos Curve | Smart Satchel Bag - Asos | Coral Pumps - New Look Fashion | Long Sleeve Patterned Cotton Shirt - Penningtons | Heather Grey Basic Socks - Addition Elle | Stacked Necklaces- Additon Elle

I put this look together using the influence of fall lines that were being discussed during the mid-summer months, pulling on military chic and 70's prints with neon accents as my base. Of course, being the pattern fiend that I am, I knew that I had to toss in a bold print, and these Asos Curve ankle grazers were the perfect choice. Paired with a cotton blouse from Penningtons and structured satchel from Asos in shades of military green, the green accent inthe 70's print really stood out.  

To add a pop of colour in a hue that screamed fall, I decided to throw on a pair of coral pumps from New Look's wide-fit collection. These pumps are not only a neon lovers dream, but they are super comfortable and can be worn for long stretches at a time. Initially, I tried on the entire look without the grey socks, but I found something was missing. The look needed a little something more to tie in the fall feels which is where the grey socks came into play. I won't lie to you, the socks were a daring move. I wasn't sure if sucks and pumps were still a thing, but I quickly got over that after seeing how the grey helped to tune down the brightness of the pumps!  

It is really a huge deal for me that DARE Magazine took a chance on me for their Curves of the World piece. It goes to show that the media has started to stray away from conventional ideals of beauty and begin embracing the fact that were aren't all made to look the same. The journey ahead for equal representation in the media and the fashion industry as a whole is still a long a winding one, but it fills me with hope to know that magazines like DARE Magazine have started on the journey!