Celebrating My Heritage With Grass-Fields

Alia Midi Skirt - Grass-Fields | Crew Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top - Rebdolls Essentials | Khaki Suedette Ankle Strap Mid Heels - New Look | Vintage Liquid Lipstick - Anastasia Beverly Hills

I am at serious risk of sounding like a broken record player, but I love prints.

I really love prints.

I love how a bold print can liven up an entire look through strategically placed accessories or act as the base for a complete look! Patterns bring such a unique interest to every day looks, creating a focal piece to the looks. Finding the perfect pattern is like finding the holy grail. I'm not even kidding... I hear angels singing and the world becomes just a little bit brighter. I am forever on the quest to finding "the perfect pattern" and it is always a treat when I stumble on one that fits the mould.

This Alia Midi Skirt from Grass-Fields has a print that speaks to my roots. I'm Nigerian and was raised in a Nigerian household by Nigerian parents. We had the amazing opportunity to see the world as we county hopped during my childhood; however, no matter how far from Nigeria we ventured, my parents always immersed us in our culture, a culture that has greatly influenced my love of patterns. Being able to bring this influence to life through a print is exactly what Grass-fields has allowed me to do. The dazzling arrays of prints in pieces that can fit seamlessly into anyone's closet has allowed me to hold my heritage just a little bit closer. 

I cannot wait to style more of their pieces soon! The diversity in their designs excites me to no end. It is brands like Grass-Fields, brands that empower plus size women and encourage them to dress outside of their comfort zones and shatter so called "fashion rules", that make me truly excited for the world of plus size fashion. We need to own our bodies and wear what makes us feel good and creates a lasting connection to who we are!