Faux Fur Coat - Penningtons | Loose Dress - Junarose | Beaded Clutch - H&M | Cutout Strap Bootie Heels - Torrid


This past weekend, Calgary went through a serious deep freeze. It got to the level of cold where the trees sparkled because the new snow simply froze on their branches and black ice was the true king of the road. Unfortunately, I did not realize how cold it really was until I stepped outside in this amazing shimmery Junarose loose dress, sans stockings. In fact, I was so oblivious of the cold, that the original outfit concept did not include this Penningtons faux fur coat. I tried my best to champ through it (hence the look of strained pain I'm rocking in these shots), but after I started losing feeling in my arms I had no choice but to adapt.

I remember being so rattled because my initial outfit plan had to be scrapped; however, I quickly realized that adaptability is an important part of fashion and life in general. Things don't always go as planned so the ability to adjust to life's constant change is a huge key to success. Change is pretty much the only thing that is guaranteed so finding ways to work around it rather than growing overly stressed is the new mission.

Thank you all for helping me pick the shoes for this look! I want to make this a regular thing, asking for outfit input via Snapchat. I think that collaboration with the audience that I cater these posts to will help produce looks that you want to see. Add me on Snapchat (my Snapchat username is "Inmst") and keep an eye out for ways you can help influence these posts!