Plus Size Shoe Game

When it comes to shoes, I am pretty much obsessed. Those who know me well, have seen my shoe collection grow uncomfortably large over the past couple of years. There is just something about slipping on those strappy black sandals that increases one's confidence level ten-fold. However, it was not always so easy for me to find stylish shoes in my size. As a curvier lady, I found that certain lines of regular shoes were not wide enough or fit uncomfortably around the toes. I also found that my shoe size fluctuated with each brand or even type of shoe. So I made it my personal mission to find retailers that catered specifically to plus size and larger sized shoes, adding them straight to my bookmarks, and continuing to build my collection. I firmly believe that just because you are plus size does not mean that you have to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to shoes. As a result,  I wanted to share my finds with you, hoping to help at least one other person who currently finds themselves in the same position I was in a few years ago. Below are my top 6 shoe retailers, with a special bonus at the end when you want to spoil yourself a little. 

1. Shoedazzle

Shoedazzle is the first shoe site that I get interested in. They take a personalized approach to finding shoes, making you sign-up and take a style quiz in order to allow stylists to make personalized recommendations for you in your own personal showroom. I love this site because you get a club-like experience without having to pay the months fees. Shoedazzle only goes up to a size 11; however, their flats, boots and some heeled varieties can fit up to a size 12. They have a great return policy which allows you to try on different shoes and get familiar with what shoe style best suits you. 

2. Torrid

Torrid is well known for being a top line for plus size clothing, but many people overlook their shoe line. Torrid has a wide selection of shoes, ranging from wide calf high boots to wide width stroppy sandals for any occasion. The best part? The shoes go up to a size 13 wide! It is a great line that perfectly combines current trends with comfort, and I highly recommend it! 

3. Newlook 

Newlook is similar to Torrid, in that it is its own established clothing line that branched off to create aline of wide width shoes. Newlook carries shoes up to a size 9EU, which is about an 11.5-12 US, based on the cut of the shoe. Newlook offers free worldwide delivery over about $100 dollars, which is super worth it. I love Newlook because it has a huge European influence on the design, producing shoes that are edgy and fashion forward in great wide width sizes. I've just put in an order for some shoes from Newlook and I can not wait to get them!

4. Asos 

Asos is by far one of my favourite online stores. With such a huge amount of variety, in straight, plus and maternity sizing, it is a one stop shop for all your fashion needs. I recently stumbled upon their shoe section, and realized that the Asos brand of shoes goes up to a size 12. I really enjoy the Asos design because it is a mix of clean cut stilettos and awesome grunge inspired thick heeled sandals. In addition, they also carry some, but not all of the shoes from the Newlook wide width line, if you are looking to cut the wait time a little.

5. Sole Society 

Sole Society is my go to for mid and kitten heels, perfect for work as opposed to hitting the town at night. The top end of sizing of the shoes range from an 11-13US, based on the type of shoe. The quality of the shoes are amazing and there are customer feedback comments and all the shoes, so you can really make sure that the shoe will work for you. The shoes are super comfortable and each shoe comes with style tips to help you put together an awesome outfit. The styles of the shoes are cry classically simple, and come in amazing hues to bring some colour to your work wardrobe.  

6. Nordstrom

Nordstrom has great, good quality, stylish shoes. Although slightly on the expensive side, these shoes are of the highest quality and go up to a size 15US. For speciality sizes such as these, I expected the variety to be minimal; however, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a wide selection. In addition to cute mid and kitten heels, and casual flats, there is an awesome selection of runners and boots too! It is worth the look for sure.

The Bonus: Shoes of Prey

This bonus is one that I stumbled upon late last year. Shoes of Prey is an insanely awesome site that allows you to custom design your very own pair of shoes. It works by letting you, the user, pick key design aspects of the shoes, such as colour, style, heel height and finish, allowing you to make a pair of shoes that are literally one of a kind, up to a size 15US! The other cool thing about this site is that they have cap sue collections designed by designers such as Janie Bryant, that you can customize and edit to fit your wardrobe. Depending on the style and extras you customize your shoes with, the price range is quite large. It is definitely a splurge for special occasions like birthdays or new years eve parties, but it is so worth it!