Simplicity Is Key

Michel Studio Ragan Sleeve Blouse - Addition Elle | Lot 18 Joggy Jeans - Addition Elle Lilac Croc Ankle Strap Heels - New Look | Hair by Christine at Calgary Best Hair

Happy March everyone! These past two months of blogging have been amazing and I have learned so much about plus size fashion, while also working on evolving my own personal fashion sense. This post is meant to emphasize the fact that sometimes less is more. A simple, pastel palette based outfit can be achieved by a plus sized lady, because in my opinion, simplicity can go a long way in an outfit. The key to a simple, yet stylish outfit, is to pick one base colour and work to fill out the rest of the outfit with neutrals. The base colour I chose was lavender, which worked perfectly with Addition Elle's joggy jeans and my New Look sandals I just got in! I decided to go with a Michel Studio ragan sleeve blouse in white as a neutral because it really working to bring out the pink tones in the lavender, which is what I was going for. This look can easily be recreated using grey, beige or even black as the neutral, however, these colours would bring out different undertones int he lavender, so its all up to your taste!

I have heard all the hype regarding Additon Elle's jogg jeans, so I decided to get a pair to see what it was all about. And I must say, they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I have owned to date! They fit great around the waist and are a little loose around the thigh and calf area, making them super comfortable and easy to wear. i really appreciate that the end of the jeans are a bit more tailored, allowing you the option to wear them straight, or to roll up the ends, as I did. I will definitely be going back to get them in more colours as they will no doubt become a staple in my closet. 

I ordered this wonderful lavender sandals from New Look's wide fit range. I am a shoe-a-holic all the way, but sometimes it is difficult to find sandals that fit across wider feet. These pair were absolutely amazing, and the ankle cuffs were wide enough to also fit perfectly around the ankle without any tightness. I definitely recommend buying from New Look's wide fit line, as they are super comfortable, with a wide variety of options for us shoe loving ladies.