Festival Vibes

T-Shirt Dress in Stripe Print - ASOS Curve | Sunnies (old) - Similar Here Cowboy Hat (old) - Similar Here  | Cowboy Booties (old Shoedazzle) - Similar Here

This week, my close friends Rebecca, Klugsberg & I started discussing all of our summer plans. Included in these were lists of music festivals across Canada that we had to attend. This colourful discussion got me so excited abut both summer as a whole, as well as music festivals. In my mind, music festivals provide the perfect arena for individual style to flourish. it is a magical place located somewhere between Earth and the Sun where you are free to express yourself artistically, through music and clothes. I am beyond excited for music festival season to roll around as I will be rocking bold patterns, swing dresses and cowboy hats 24/7.   

This beautiful t-shirt dress from ASOS curve is the perfect plus size festival attire. I am in love with the fact that the dress is super comfortable and lacks any real structure. Normally, this would not be the silhouette I would go for, but for hot, sweaty musical festival grounds, the loose, airy cut of the dress is the perfect fit. The bold, fun pattern of the t-shirt dress adds the perfect burst of colour and when paired with a simple pair of sunnies and a cowboy hat, it throws me right to dancing in the desserts of Nevada.

Wearing patterns is my favourite thing (as you can probably tell) but stripes have always been my one fear. I think growing up with the false notion set in place that stripes make you look wider inadvertently pushed me far away from stripes. But I've decided to embrace stripes, wear it and own it. Through out this shoot I danced around, smiled and enjoyed myself because I quickly realized that only my opinion of myself matters. So sometimes it's okay to prance around outside in the sun and smile and laugh wearing whatever you wish because it's your right, your body, and your life!