Curvy Corporate Pt. 1

Michel Studio 3/4 Sleeve Blazer - Addition Elle | Michel Studio Mandarin Collar Blouse - Addition ElleMichel Studio Printed Ankle Pant - Addition Elle | Shoes c/o Payless | Jewelry c/o Tiffany Co. 

My personal style is eclectic to say the least. One minute I can be rocking mixed floral prints and the next minute, I am fitted in a minimalist, all black look. The one area where my fashion sense stays somewhat stable is at work. My corporate wardrobe tends to fall into the simplicity category, pairing clean lines and seasonal colours. As this job is my first one out of my university career, in which I wore bold patterns and retro button ups, it took me a while to adjust to dressing my curves for the corporate world. It's a tricky line between wanting to stay fashionable while also being work appropriate. It has taken me a couple of months but I think I have finally landed on my personal, corporate style.

For this curvy corporate look, I drew inspiration from the spring palette, choosing pastels and soft neutral shades. I paired a soft mandarin blouse with black accent detailing with a pair of light grey ankle trousers. The grey of the trousers allowed me to pair it with a white blazer, a bold choice but one that worked well with the lighter palette of the entire outfit. To finish the outfit, I added a pair of pointy, black and white checkered midi heels (which I picked up for a steal at Payless) and simple silver jewelry from Tiffany. This is the perfect work outfit, comfortable enough to last all day and versatile enough to wear out for happy hour after work!