Inemesit Etokudo
Inemesit Etokudo



I am a print mixing minimalist with a passion for fashion, adventure and food! I am proud of my body, every single stretch mark, every curve, my thick thighs and every other important detail that makes me uniquely me! My goal is to let you know that no matter your body shape or size, gender or race, sexual identity or religion, you are beautiful and worthy of pursuing everything amazing that life has to offer. I hope that by sharing my life's ever winding adventures with you, I can help inspire you to unapologetically live yours too!



Fashion is a universal language and an outward expression of who we are. My personal style is constantly evolving, but my love of print mixing and minimalist silhouettes is forever. all my fashion posts will have shoppable links to what I wear as well as alternative locations to find similar products. 


The lifestyle portion of the blog includes beauty and skincare (specifically for women of colour), traveling as a fat, Black woman, delicious foods I have and make along the way as well as all things home and decor as I work towards furnishing my new home!

"From crop tops, faux furs, fringe, mesh, mixing prints and wearing white after Labour Day, this trendsetter has yet to shy away from any look, whether traditional, over-the-top or conservative. She proves that despite traditional fashion industry standards and limitations, curvy women can rock any style they please." - HuffPost Style