Inemesit Etokudo
Inemesit Etokudo
“I blog because I want to be the body positive role model I didn’t have as a 12 year old who navigated a space not made for her.”
— Inemesit

Inemesit Etokudo

Inemesit (pronounced “Ee-Nem-Eh-Sit”) is a Canadian plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Calgary, Alberta. As the premier plus size fashion authority in Calgary, Inemesit’s goal is to be a body positive advocate in a city in which plus size and curvy women are still finding their voice. Inemesit believes that every woman, despite their shape or size, has the right to wear what they want and feel good doing it. 

Born in Nigeria and raised in cities across the globe, Inemesit’s style is greatly influenced by the diverse cultures she experienced growing up, as well as the corporate world she now finds herself in. Her eye for colour and ability to pattern mix earns Inemesit her signature look. She is never one to shy away from dressing outside of her comfort zone in hopes of aspiring other plus size and curvy women to do the same.

Inemesit started this blog in 2015 following a one year picture per day Instagram challenge that helped build her fellowship. Now the blog has grown to encompass not only plus size fashion, but touches on beauty products for Women of Colour as well as #MyCalgary, an interactive way of showcasing this amazing city through the eyes of its inhabitants.



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